"Breaking [Digital]

The third E[D]M working group meeting is held on
Thursday, the 3rd of May, 2012. We will continue our
exploration of all things related to a critical and theoretical
understanding of the medium, and its relevance to our work
(and play) as scholars, readers, viewers, and users.

For this final regular meeting of the semester, we will read the
introductions to two of the earliest and most influential explorations of the implications of the digital medium: Cybertext (Espen Aarseth, 1997) and The Language of New Media (Lev Manovich, 2001). How was the digital language of the world wide web perceived, theorized, and critiqued in its earliest incarnations, and what has changed since then? What has stayed the same?

: As these texts might be difficult to get a hold of digitally or on the library, hardcopies will be available to members before the meeting. Contact us using the form on this site if you requre copies of the texts.

Second, we encourage all friends of the E[D]M initiative to attend this year's Fulbright Lecture by Professor Jonas Björk (Indiana University-Indianapolis), entitled "From Indian Books to Cable TV Sex: The American Media Presence in Sweden." The lecture will be held at 4.15 pm (16.15) on April 19th in Hall IX of the Main University Building.

Finally, as always, we will take some time to discuss future events and projects that interests the EXPLORING THE [DIGITAL] MEDIUM working group. If you have any suggestions for events or material (fiction or non-fiction, texts, games, films, or video clips) that would be interesting, exciting, and enjoyable to read, watch, play, discuss or attend together as a group, please bring it along and present it at the meeting.

E[D]M Meeting #3
- Time: May 3, 16.00-19.00
- Place: English Park Campus, Room 16-1044

Required Reading:
• Espen Aarseth, "Introduction," Cybertext: Perspectives on Ergodic Literature, Baltimore: Johns Hopkins UP, 1997 (pp 1-23),
• Lev Manovich, "Introduction," The Language of New Media, Cambridge: MIT P, 2001 (pp 2-17).

Optional Public Lecture:
• Fulbright Lecture by Professor Jonas Björk (Indiana University-Indianapolis): "From Indian Books to Cable TV Sex: The American Media Presence in Sweden."
- Time: Thursday, April 19, 16.15
- Place: Hall IX of the Main University Building