"Geneses of the
Media Concept"

The second E[D]M working group meeting is held
on Thursday, the 29th of March, 2012. We will
continue our focus on mapping our expertise
and/or ignorance regarding all things related to
a critical and theoretical understanding of the
medium, and its relevance to our work (and
play) as scholars, readers, viewers, and users.

For this meeting, we will read John Guillory's text
"Genesis of the Media Concept," printed in Critical
in 2010 (available below). We will also discuss Guillory's take on the the concept of the medium/the media in conversation with W. J. T. Mitchell and Mark B. N. Hansen’s introduction to Critical Terms for Media Studies (available here).

Second, we decided at the last meeting to demo and discuss a few popular games and apps for the iOS platform. If you have anything you want to show to and discuss with the group, please bring the necessary information and/or gadgets to the meeting. We will have iPads and iPhones and projection equipment available at the meeting.

As usual, we will also take some time to discuss future events and projects that might interest the members of the EXPLORING THE [DIGITAL] MEDIUM working group. If you have any suggestions for events or material (fiction or non-fiction, texts, games, films, or video clips) that would be interesting, exciting, and enjoyable to read, watch, play, discuss or attend together as a group, please bring it along and present it at the meeting.

E[D] M Meeting #2
- Time: March 29, 16.00-19.00
- Place: English Park Campus, Room 16-1044

Required Reading:
• John Guillory, "Genesis of the Media Concept," Critical Inquiry, Vol. 36, No. 2 (Winter 2010), pp. 321-362. Print.
- http://www.jstor.org.ezproxy.its.uu.se/stable/10.1086/648528