While Uppsala University houses several projects
on the relationships between literature and other
media, there has been little attempt to bring these
various studies and viewpoints into conversation
with one another. Therefore, the American Studies
Group at the Department of English has taken this
initiative to start the EXPLORING THE [DIGITAL]
working group.

The primary goal of E[D]M is to create a forum for informal intellectual exploration of digital and interactive media as sites of expression and creation, and as new tools and paradigms for global communication and social interaction. E[D]M will provide networking opportunities for academics at Uppsala University, in the rest of Sweden, as well as abroad, and is open to all scholars and graduate students interested in digital and/or interactive media.

When possible, meetings of the E[D]M working group will be scheduled to concur with the visits of international guests at the Department of English and Department of Literature in the spring of 2012. Invited lecturers include Alan Nadel (University of Kentucky), and Linda Williams (University of California at Berkeley).

This semester's E[D]M meetings will conclude in a symposium, held on the 28th of May. Intended as a sum-up event of our series of seminars, the symposium will focus on the intersection of digital and interactive media with research within the humanities and social sciences. At the symposium, presentations by three American scholars, Jason Mittell, Stephanie Boluk and Patrick LeMieux, will be combined with brief presentations of the research conducted by the members of the E[D]M seminar group. Mittell, Boluk and LeMieux will act as respondents. Several members of the video game industry are also in talks of participating at this event.

All E[D]M working group meetings and symposium are organized by Peter Waites and the American Studies Group at the Department of English, Uppsala University. The E[D]M Symposium is sponsored by SALT: Forum for Advanced Studies at Uppsala University.